Where Abercrombie Finishes, Beauty In Curves Begins

With the revelation that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries only wants to serve the skinny, beautiful and cool BEAUTY IN CURVES is happy and ready to pick up the slack in the premium denim market for curve loving, figure flattering jeans that encourage women to embrace their bodies.

Fully believing that style and beauty has no size label our luxury figure flattering denim line BC Jeans is available in UK sizes 10 to 22. Beauty in Curves is a brand that caresses and contours curves rather than one that forces women to alter their bodies significantly to fit into their clothes. I don’t expect every brand to cater to every size or shape and I am sure Abercrombie make great clothes, but to suggest that girls above a size 10 are not beautiful or cool and are unwelcome is utterly absurd. At BC Jeans our motto is ‘Love Your Jeans Live Your Dreams’, there is beauty in all sizes and all should be admired.”

Rivkie Baum, Editor SLiNK Magazine says: “The comments made by this man are ridiculous and irresponsible. This kind of vitriol towards women is not only vile but potentially damaging to a whole generation of your girls who will feel crushed hearing all this. I work with some of the most glamorous models in the world who are all size 14+ I defy anyone to look at one of my cover girls and say that she isn’t beautiful or cool.”